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Sunday 23 August 2009

A cool day in August

A Canadian cold front came through yesterday, lowering temperatures and humidity levels. And although it didn't seem to blow in any health care reform, it did bring in something else. It's difficult to describe or define it, but it is a definite feeling. It reminded me of going back to school in the fall.

Perhaps there's something they do up there in Canada in the summer and fall that puts an aroma in the air that gets carried here on such fronts. A pollen or something. Something that doesn't happen in the winter (the last thing that you are reminded of when these fronts come through in January is autumn).

This hint of fall does perk one up, at least initially, as fall is a nice time of year here (when you're not raking up the neighbor's leaves out of your yard). Yet I find that after a few moments this hint of fall starts to turn into a spectre of winter, reminding me that we don't live in the Sun Belt anymore. Well, you can't have it both ways, unless, I suppose, you live in San Diego.

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