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Monday 25 May 2009

Roll Over Beethoven

And tell Tchaikovsky the news. I may be the last Beatles fan to know this, but I met these guys at the Beatles Festival this year that run www.beatlesradio.com. So point your browser that way when you need your Beatles fix.

Saturday 16 August 2008

Vieux Carré

An unusual set of circumstances came together last night and found us in the French Quarter. It was a good time. It's crab season there, and they're having a great crab season.

We started out at Dickie Brennan's Palace Cafe, a beautiful restaurant with a decor that just screams "New Orleans". We had the artichoke and oyster soup, the andouille and chicken gumbo, and their crabcake cheesecake, which was pretty much just what it sounds like. We can definitely recommend this place; it's right on Canal Street.

Then it was off to the famous Acme Oyster House. You simply cannot leave New Orleans without an oyster. No raw oysters for us, thank you (this is a month without an "R"), but a platter of them grilled with garlic and butter and romano sure hit the spot. Check out their "OysterCam". We sat at the far end of the bar you see there, although we don't recall being notified at the time that our image was being broadcast across the internet.

After that, we went to Deanie's Seafood on Iberville Street for a Bucktown Bloody Mary and their crab quartet: fried crab claws, a whole fried soft shell crab, crabmeat au gratin, and a stuffed crab. Instead of bread, they bring you new potatoes that have been boiled in crab boil to munch on while you wait.

By this time we were sufficiently fortified to tackle Bourbon Street. I had barely gone two blocks when I was stopped at Bienville Street and cited for not partying hard enough. This entailed a ten dollar "fine", actually a donation to a local food bank, but the "officer" did give me a nice cap with "New Orleans" and a fleur-de-lis embroidered on it. CVH got a pink version.

Thus firmly established in our tourist ware, we continued down Bourbon until we saw the Olympics playing at Beerfest I, where we had a Warsteiner and a Shiner Bock while watching the track and field competition. When the commercials started up, we headed on down the street, listening to several bands. We finally ended up going into a club where five guys were doing a Motown Revue before a small crowd of middle aged white people. We fit right in.

Then on the way back to the hotel, we enjoyed a group of teenage street musicians doing their arrangement of "Grazing in the Grass". That was real New Orleans.

I realized the next day that I didn't have my nice cap anymore. Well, if you visit the French Quarter and don't lose at least one piece of clothing, then you just weren't enjoying yourself enough.

This morning we got up and walked around the Quarter, visiting Jackson square, the riverfront, and several shops, and then it was off (capless) to the Court of Two Sisters for their Jazz Brunch. We enjoyed a shrimp Creole omelet, fresh boiled shrimp and crawfish (the crawfish, being out of season, were small, but the shrimp were good), zesty Cajun pasta, sweet potato with andouille sausage (I think that was my favorite), crawfish and spinach pasta, ceviche, country pâté, gouda, veal grillades and gravy over grits (the grits were made with something (heavy cream?) that CVH felt would be illegal outside of New Orleans), king cake, bananas Foster (mmm - on fresh homemade ice cream), and bread pudding. Everything was superb, except perhaps for the bread pudding - I like Louisville's Oakroom bread pudding better, because here they put in about a case of bourbon.

Sunday 24 February 2008

Fire up the Tardis, Doctor!

I was poking around in some really old backup directories this weekend, looking for some old VB6 code for Rusty, and I came across a web site that I had built after we visited Washington, DC ten years ago. Put the whole thing together by hand. I think I used Notepad.

For the time being, I've posted it here.

Saturday 01 December 2007

Me and the Candy Machine

In seventh grade, I got D's and F's in math.

A while back, I got hungry at work, and decided to go down to the candy machine to see if there was anything that I would like. I had a dollar bill, a quarter and a nickel. I decided that I wanted the trail mix, which cost 70 cents. I put in the dollar bill, and punched the code for the trail mix, and the machine told me to use exact change. I got my dollar bill back, and was about to leave when I wondered why did it take my bill in the first place. I looked at the machine again, and saw that there was a 'use coins' light, but it wasn't lit. Hmmm...maybe it just can't make 30 cents change because it's out of nickels and dimes. So I put the dollar bill back in, and selected the 50 cent potato chips. Out come the potato chips, with two quarters. Well, it had quarters, but it couldn't make 30 cents, so it must not have a nickel, 3 dimes, or neither. Since I now had three quarters and a nickel, if it had one dime, I could get the trail mix. I put in the three quarters, but it wouldn't take my nickel - it kept spitting it back (strange, if it's out of them). Then I noticed there wasn't anything in the machine that cost more than 70 cents, and I had already put in 75, so maybe that's why it wouldn't take anymore. I tried the trail mix anyway, and it couldn't make change, so now I knew for sure that it didn't have a nickel. So I got my three quarters back, put the nickel in first, then the three quarters, selected the trail mix, and voila, trail mix and a dime!

So I know that my seventh grade math teacher was in the wrong line of work.

Friday 21 September 2007

Need some Plutonium-239?

For that really special science fair project?

Oak Ridge National Laboratories has some for sale. Note "Quantity discounts may be available"!

Just don't call me if the FBI knocks on your door after clicking on that link.

Thursday 17 May 2007

Storage Shed Materializes in Mid-air

The strangest things happen in the Midwest. Perhaps this shed is where Schrodinger kept his cat?

Monday 14 May 2007

Wouldn't you like to work for Google?

I use their products all the time, and think they're great. And now they say they have a real opportunity, but it does involve a bit of relocation.

I really like the bit about Pink Floyd on TV, and the "lost season of Iron Chef".

Two great retro items on the web

First, a rotary dial cellphone. Oh man! What I would have given to have one of these in my 1965 Buick!

And for those of you old enough to remember "line printers", a web page that turns photos into ascii character strings.

Thursday 03 May 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Look very, very closely. What's wrong with this picture?

Optical Illusion

I find this optical illusion interesting. Look at the castle for a moment, then click on it.

History buff? Like looking at old stuff?

This Library of Congress thing is pretty cool. Warning: it will suck you in.

They file this under "mathematical humor"

I would love to have the slightest idea of how this was discovered.

The world through Conrad's eyes

This may be part of the reason that I am wont to wear primary colors.